An editorial… kind of.

29 October, 2006

“‘Though I was raised Republican, I used to flip flop between the two parties, agreeing with my liberal teachers, then agreeing with my conservative parents, but what affirmed my political beliefs is when Democrats Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton tried to censor videogames. Now I am Republican,’ said freshman Barry Rothenburg.” -Daily Sundial, Thursday, October 26, 2006.

Can we not do this? Can we not decide political affiliation based on who is trying to censor videogames? I, too, disagree with videogame censorship. Congress can enforce game ratings, but that’s it. The MPAA is responsible for films, and the RIAA puts the Parental Advisory stickers that we’re so familiar with on CDs that deserve them. But what authority does Congress have with videogames? None. It can do television and radio with the FCC because technically the public owns the airwaves and that is under its jurisdiction. But they can’t do anything about videogames. That is up to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

But note: this doesn’t change my political affiliation. The above quote was from my school paper, in an editorial trying to convince college students to become more politically engaged. But what does it prove? That people do or do not know government? Yes, Mr. Rothenburg is aware of pending legislation. But he also chose his whole affiliation on a subject that seems awfully shallow to me. After his parents and his teachers, he decided to vote based on videogames?

I agree with most of the article; college students should be involved in the making of the country they will later have to raise a family in. We should be able to make intelligent, informed choices with what is presented. It shouldn’t be swayed about videogames. We should be deciding based on a party’s stance on taxes, Social Security, national defense, foreign relations, gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research, fiscal policy, the list goes on and on. I just think videogames should be way towards down the bottom of the list, and not on top.


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