7 September, 2006

My glasses have special lenses. Sometimes they allow me to see people’s emotions as if they have giant neon lights floating above their head. Other times they show me things that not everyone else can see, like Stormtroopers that I have to fight off using my Jedi powers, plus my kickass lightsaber. And there are even times when I watch the world around me digitize and I have to save it using my D3.

Or at least, that’s the way I saw the world my sophomore year of high school. Everyone needs their own way to escape the real world.

Nowadays, my lenses only improve my vision. And get dirty. But I still see the world through them. I see people walking/biking/running/skating/scootering to class. I see a girl burning off the last of her cigarette before dropping it and grounding out the embers. The guy talking on his cellphone in the last minutes before class begins. The couple holding hands while they sit in the shade, enjoying the moments they have together. I look at them and wonder if they know I’m watching. If they’re trying to figure me out as quickly as I’m imagining their lives, if I’m accurate, if they are.

Sorry. I’m rambling.


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